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Ability to disable a Lead / Thank you page

I think it would be important to have the ability to disable a particular Lead / Thank you page, without deleting it. 

Right now we can only delete them, or deactivate them all together when choosing a Winner. 

But what if we want to continue with the split testing, but just only deactivate one of the pages? 

For instance, when you still haven't a clear winner, but you do have one or several clear losers, so you want to deactivate them, BUT you don't want to delete them because deleting makes the split test numbers not match the campaign total numbers, and I maybe it's a bit OCD, but I don't like that ;-)

You could also want to deactivate one of them temporary and then reactivate it later, for serveral reasons.

So I hope you consider this feature request 

Thanks guys!    

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