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Product launch ideas / success stories

More of a request to other users than a feature request really, is there a place or UpViral users to share their ideas/case studies on how they launched products with UpViral? 

I just found out we can't incentivise paid for users like a sort of viral affiliate campaign with UpVIral so I was interested to know whether there were other users out there that have success stories to tell about how they use UpViral in a similar way to generate new paid for subscribers. I've seen the public case studies page on the website but its very top level list building and that's it.

Obviously, we can just build lists and promote to them, but I'm looking for more varied inspiration as to how we can push a new product to market whilst tracking it in UpViral. 

Thanks to whoever's reading this! Would be cool if there was a community of users facebook group for example to share successes and ideas or suggestions. Any help gratefully received.

Thanks all...

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