When you're running an UpViral giveaway, you can use our callback feature to make sure your server receives a callback whenever someone unlocks a certain reward.

In other words: every time someone unlocks a certain reward in your giveaway, we'll ping your server. You can use that to trigger certain events on your end, such as account creation - for example.

Please note: this is for advanced users only (requires coding).

Here's how to set this up:

Step 1: Enter your callback URL at the "Advanced Settings" page of your campaign.

Scroll down to where you can add the Callback URL

Step 2: Use the incoming data to trigger events (requires coding).

The callback feature will submit the following variables every time someone unlocks a reward:

reward_id - This will be the unlocked reward id so you know which reward is unlocked.

reward_name - The name of the reward that just got unlocked.

user_email - This will be the user email address.

user_total_points - This will be the total amount of points the user has.