This guide provides the step by step process to create a giveaway that uses OptimizePress hosted lead pages powered by UpViral referral system. After going through this guide you will be able to;

  • Setup Campaign / giveaway on UpViral
  • Create Optin / Lead Page and Thank You page in OptimizePress
  • Integrate Lead and Thank You page with UpViral Referral System
  • Integrate your autoresponder with UpViral

Step 1 - Create giveaway in UpViral

To start off, login to UpViral Dashboard at the login link

Once inside the Dashboard, from the top menu click Create a Campaign option. In the next screen provide the name of the campaign you want to create.

When you click next, UpViral will ask to you provide the type of campaign you want to create. For this guide, we have selected to create a giveaway.

You can select from either a giveaway, Giveaway or a generic campaign. For this guide, we are creating a New Year giveaway and giving a Free Ebook to the giveaway winner.

Now in the next step, UpViral will ask you define where you will host your campaign. As we are hosting this campaign on OptimizePress (for Lead Pages and Thank you pages) , please select “Integrate into my existing tools”.

Once you select the integrate into my existing tools, UpViral will lead you to the campaign editor menu where you will be adding the links of lead and thank you page along with referral widget, giveaway rules and email settings.

However, before moving on to setting up the giveaway in UpViral, you need to go to OptimizePress on WordPress, where you will be creating the Lead and Thank you Page.

Step 2 - Setup OptimizePress

Now this is the process where we will start creating Lead and Thank you page in OptimizePress. The Lead Page will be the optin or entry point into the New Year giveaway. People will sign up to the giveaway via this page.

When the participants enter their information and signup for the giveaway, they will be directed to a thank you page, which acknowledges their participating and motivates them to share the giveaway with their friends and circles to increase their chances of winning.

Note - This guide assume that you’ve already installed OptimizePress Plugin in your WordPress Site

Setup Optin Form

This process will walk you through the initial process of setting up an Optin Page on OptimizePress.

Now in your Wordpress Dashboard, go to OptimizePress and click Create New Page. OptimizePress enables you to select from the Optin Templates or you could build your own, but for demo purposes we will use the Pre made Templates. For this guide we choose "Simple Landing Page".

Enter the Name of the page and then check for the availability of the link for your OptimizePress Page. Once done click Create Page.

Now to setup and integrate OptimizePress with UpViral, you will need to setup UpViral and get the HTML code from there.

Step 3 - Setup UpViral

Once the initial setup for OptimizePress in completed, we will head back to UpViral to;

  • Add Lead Page and Thank you Page URL from OptimizePress to UpViral ( on lead and thank you page)
  • Create Referral Widget
  • Define Social Media Appearance
  • Configure Giveaway Reward Points and Rules
  • Setting Up Email Notifications and Autoresponder
  • Get / Copy campaign code snippet from UpViral to be copied on OptimizePress

A - Setting up Thank you Page in UpViral

First off, you need to get the actual OptimizePress URL of your Optin Page and Thank you page. However, as we haven’t completely created the page yet, we will use dummy links for now in the Lead and Thank You Page URL.

In your UpViral Dashboard (assuming that you're in your campaign dashboard) >> Settings tab >> on the Appearance Menu Click Lead Pages >> paste the Dummy URL for Lead Page.

Once saved, Click Next: Setup Thank-you page

B - Setup Thank you page in UpViral

The process is almost same as adding Lead Page / Optin URL. On your UpViral Dashboard (Assuming you are already in your campaign / dashboard) >> Settings tab >> on the Appearance Menu 

Click Thank-you Pages >> paste the Dummy URL of your OptimizePress Thank-you page and click Save.

C - Create Referral Widget

Referral Widget is an UpViral component that is displayed on the Thank you page (after a user has opted in for the giveaway /giveaway). The referral widget provides the referral link of the opted in user and ways to share the giveaway/giveaway referral URL on popular social networks.

Once a user has setup its Thank you page URL from OptimizePress to UpViral, UpViral will automatically lead the user to the Referral Widget section.

When on the Referral Widget section, click “Create New” on top right part of the page.

After naming and selecting the referral widget template, you will be taken to a Widget Editor menu where you will customize the content, social sharing icons and other components.

The Referral Widget can be shown 1) as a popup on top of your thank-you page, or 2) embedded into your thank-you page. For this guide, we are using the popup widget.

D - Setup Giveaway Rewards & Rewards Points

Now here you will define the Reward (s) you are giving away and the rewards points structure.

Rewards - Here you will define / upload your reward and the total points needed to unlock the reward.

Rewards Points- In this section, you will define the exact number of points needed to win the giveaway.

E - Email Notifications

On the email notifications section, you will define the different emails that will be sent out automatically. Typically, a giveaway contest is configured with email when a user registers, someone signups through their referral link and when they win a contest.

Using UpViral you can create the entire email message that will be sent out using your autoresponder

F - Email Autoresponder

In this section you will define the autoresponder you will be using for this giveaway.

However, before specifying the autoresponder you need to add one. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Autoresponders and click on Add New Autoresponders.

Select your autoresponder from the list and add a name to it. For this giveaway we are using MailChimp and the integration requires Secret API Key to be added before you can start using it.

Most autoresponders with either require the API key or will UpViral will automatically direct you on their website to authorize it.

Step 4 - Configure OptimizePresss

Now as everything is setup on UpViral, you need to setup OptimizePresss with UpViral codes.

These code will be implemented on both optin (leadpage) and thank you page. The UpViral automatically generates a code snippet that enables;

  • Activate Optin Page / Lead Page
  • Activate Thank You Page
  • Activate the Referral Widget on Thank You Page
  • Integrate the autoresponder with UpViral and OptimizePresss

A - Setup Optin Page of your OptimizePresss

Now go back to your OptimizePress Forms on Wordpress.

Go to Page Settings >> Other Scripts , paste the JS (javascript) code snippet generated from your UpViral Dashboard.

To get this form UpViral > My Campaign > Integrations and copy the autoresponder settings form code from there.

Paste the JavaScript snippet in footer section of your OptimizePress’s Page.

Now you need to edit the Form to function as expected. On the Editor, Click Content Template >> then edit the Form.

Select Custom Form >> paste the UpViral Form Code (it will detect the Input tags and assign) >> scroll down and click "Insert"

B - Setup Thank you Page

Now again, on your WordPress Dashboard create new Page and select a template for it.

Now Edit your Thank You page, Go to Page Settings >> OTHER Scripts >> paste the javascript snippet from your UpViral Integration on input box and set it as "Footer".

(Assuming that you'll be using the Embed Widget) Add new Custom Element and then Add the iframe code from UpViral Integration.

When completed click save and close.

Step 5 - Update URL’s on UpViral

Now go back to your UpViral Dashboard and Edit your Campaign's Lead Page URL and Thank you page on Settings Tab. Copy the Permalinks of your OptimizePress Optin Page and paste it on Lead Page URL and click Save and do the same for the Thank you Page.

Go to Integration Tab to check for integration.

At this stage, the Campaign has been setup successfully using the integration between UpViral and OptimizePress.

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