This guide will explain how to close a Contest Campaign automatically. The guide is divided into two parts.

A - Setting up Contest Ending Date

B - Create and Add a Contest Closing Page

Note: Adding a Contest Closing Page is only available for Contests hosted on the UpViral Platform.

A - Setup Contest Ending Date

The campaign can automatically be closed when setting up Contest Rules. This will first require setting up a Contest Closing Date and Time for your campaign.

Go to Contest Rules section to your campaign page, and you will see an End Date at the bottom.


Enter the date and time you want to close the contest.


After setting it up select “Close” in front of “Close the contest after end date” .

B - Close Contest Day

To close the Contest at the selected date, you will also need to create a page that will be shown to visitors once the Contest is closed.

To create that page click the “Create Page that will show once the Contest is Closed “


When you click on the button, UpViral will provide you with the option to select some pre-made Contest Closing page templates to select.


Now edit the content of the Contest Close Page as per your liking and save the page.


Once done you can view and edit your Contest Ending Date and the Page Template from the contest rules page.