UpViral has a feature built in that sends over the Referral URL and other custom fields (in case they add extra fields at the opt-in page, like gender etc) to your auto-responder. This means that when someone signs up, your auto-responder won't just receive someone's name & email address, but also their personal link (which they got to refer others) as well as other details needed.

You can now send follow-up emails from your own auto-responder that includes everyone's unique personal URL! We're doing that by adding everyone's personal link as a "custom field", which you can then use in your campaigns.

Since the exact usage of custom fields is different for every auto-responder, it is best to refer to your auto-responders' documentation or support area. In order to use this feature, there are two things:

  1. You will need to integrate your Autoresponder to UpViral.

  2. You will need to add the custom field "refurl" to your campaign first. Below you'll find more guidance on how to set that up for each of the auto-responders.

On this article, we will be outlining the steps for Madmimi. Prior showing the steps, please review the article below on how to add your autoresponder.

How to add your autoresponder?

From this point, we can then assume that your Autoresponder has been already added. For this article, we will be focusing on REFURL alone.

Getting the Referral Link with Madmimi

Basically, there is no special test or additional values or fields that needs to be setup for Madmimi. It will automatically capture the Personal Invite link.

We will start from integrating Madimi with UpViral rather.

  1. Within the UpViral campaign, add Aweber as an Auto responder. Under Email Autoresponder, click ADD AN EMAIL AUTORESPONDER.

  1. From the Add Email Autoresponder pop up window, name the Autoresponder and select Madmimi.

  1. Enter the info needed for Username and Api Key; then, click Add.

  1. From Email Autoresponder section of the campaign setup, select Madmimi.

  1. Click SAVE & NEXT: SETUP ADVANCE SETTING and finish setting up the campaign.

  1. Test your campaign.

  • Sign up using an incognito window (preferred browser is Chrome).

  • Go to Madmimi and open the list and you should be able to notice that the referral link has been captured.

NOTE: Delay might happen due to traffic.