Some marketers might need to clone campaign. Some does it to do A/B testing while some would like to run their Upviral campaigns simultaneously to maximize its use and other may be doing it to target targeting different audiences or even manage various niches as they grow their business. There are others who has archived their previous successful campaigns and would copy the exact same content for the next lead capture pages to run the entire campaign or contest again; hence, cloning or copying a campaign is an efficient way of handling it. Below outlines the steps of how to copy or clone a campaign.

To copy or clone a campaign:

On your Dashboard, please go to the campaign that you want to be copied or cloned.

Beside the Campaign Overview you will see a drop down arrow, click on that one:

Click Clone Campaign.

A pop up will show, click OK.

A message will show once it has been copied/cloned successfully.

It will show on your campaigns the cloned or copied campaign. Please see below for sample: