By enabling a leaderboard into your share-page, your participants will see their ranking on the leaderboard. This way, they’ll be incentivised to climb the leaderboard by getting more of their friends to sign up your campaign.

Below you'll find a video, as well as a written guide that explains how you can enable your leaderboard on your share widget.

  1. On your Share Widgets section please click Edit
  1. Afterwhich you will be brought to the page where you can edit your share widget. At the bottom part you will see the option to turn on/off your

Kindly click to turn it on.

  1. Once you turn that on, on the Preview section it will show your leaderboard:         

        This will show the top participants with their points achieved from this particular

  1. Once you have enabled your Leaderboard on your Campaign. You can now Save to update your Share Widget.