Actually when you will close any campaign it will shows “Closed” status on dashboard for that specific campaign and then if anyone try to run the campaign they will see the closed campaign page for that campaign. You can also choose any of the styles from Default Page, Custom Page and Redirect to the specific URL.

  1. Open the closed campaign.

  1. Go to Advanced Settings.

  1. You can customize your closed campaign page from When campaign is closed section under the Advanced Settings of the campaign.

  1. By default, under DISPLAY DEFAULT PAGEit will show This campaign is currently not running when a campaign is closed.

  1. You can create a custom closed page from second tab, DISPLAY CUSTOM PAGE. Click the Create page that will show once the campaign is deactivated link.

  1. A custom template choice page will appear and you can easily select any template for your campaign.


  1. After selecting any closed template it will show like below:


When anyone will run the closed campaign they will see the campaign page like this:


  1. You can also use your own site URL to show for closed page from third tab, REDIRECT TO URL. You will have to put URL into the field and have to Save the page.

After that when anyone will try to run the closed campaign it will have to be redirected to your custom site.