For sign-up using your Facebook Account, you need to setup and enable Facebook opt-in on your lead capture page/widget first. To do so you have to follow the below steps:

  1. You will have to go to the editor of the lead capture page/widget and must have to enable Facebook Opt-in button.

  1. When you will enable the Facebook Opt-in button then the Facebook Login button will show on the template while the Email Form opt-in button is turned off. You can edit the Facebook button name by clicking on the Facebook button name easily. And finally, you have to save the editor changes.

  1. Now when you will run the campaign by URL it will show like below page with a Facebook Login button into it:

  1. Just clicking on the Login with Facebook button it will open a window of Facebook login and by putting your Facebook credential you will be successfully able to sign-up with Facebook Account and the campaign will show the expected share page/widget.