Sometimes you noticed that the image showing on Facebook share is different from the image that you uploaded on Facebook share area of your UpViral campaign. Basically it happens for the Facebook cache. If you share with a image on Facebook first then add a new image into your campaign and try to share that again on Facebook in that case on Facebook it shows previous image as it is cached on Facebook.

To prevent this unusual situation you may follow the below steps

  1. You need to clear the Facebook cache first. To do that you have to go to URL and need to put you campaign URL or your specific URL for which you want to clear the Facebook cache. Then click on Debug from right side of the field.

  1. You will be directed to sharing debugger Facebook page and from that page click on Scrape Again under When and How we last scraped the URL section.

In this way the Facebook cache will be cleared and now if you share with Facebook from your campaign it will shows the same image of the Facebook share option.