In this article, we will go over how to create your lead capture using either a page hosted on UpViral or an embeddable widget.

Every UpViral campaign begins with collecting someone's email address. Once your audience provides their email address, UpViral will automatically give them a unique invite link so they can begin sharing that link with their friends. This way, UpViral keeps track of how many of their friends actually signed up.

Once enough people have signed up, they will gain access to rewards or a higher chance of winning a contest, depending on what you have set up during the campaign setup process.

For now, we will be focusing on creating the Lead Capture.

There are two options in creating a Lead Capture. The first is to run the entire campaign at UpViral, which means that you will be using our pages and designs. The other option is to use an embeddable widget to be placed on your website.

We will be exploring both these options in this article.

The Lead Capture setup can be found during the setup of your campaign under the Appearance section.

This is where you will decide whether to host the campaign on UpViral or to use an embeddable widget.

Option 1: Running the Campaign on UpViral

Clicking on the "Landing page" button will bring you to the template selection screen where you can choose a template to be used for your campaign. 

You may choose to select a demo of the preview first, or head right into editing a template via any of the "Select Template" buttons.

This will automatically bring you into the template editor. Here, you can make edits to all the elements of the template and make it your own.

All our templates are completely customizable. You can add images, embed videos, change the text, and simply manipulate how the page looks to your liking. You may opt to change what information you request as well by editing the text within the fields that capture information.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will find various main options that you can Drag and Drop to add to your template. 

And on the right-hand side of the screen, is where you can change the campaign title, background, button style, and color, as well as different opt-in buttons. You also have the option to add custom form fields, with a maximum of 10. These custom form fields can be dragged around to change the order in which they appear, so it meets your needs fully.

Further down, you can enable Terms and Conditions. The first Terms and Conditions switch you see will create a privacy policy link on your lead capture page. 

The next switch will allow you to require participants to accept your terms and conditions, creating a checkbox for their consent. Don't forget to click on Save for the changes to take effect.

Ordinarily, finishing this process would allow you to move onto creating a share page, but for the purposes of this article, we will instead go over how to create an embeddable widget.

Option 2: Creating an Embeddable Widget

Going back to the choice between a lead capture page or an embeddable widget, select Embed Into My Existing Tools in order to create that widget.

You will be given a few design options to choose from. Selecting one brings you back to the template editor, where the process is the same as it was when creating a lead capture page. Simply repeat the steps to create a widget that suits your needs best, then save once done.

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How to get your support tickets resolved faster

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