In this article, you'll learn how to check whether your custom domain setup is configured properly. When you're setting up your custom domain, it should have a "CNAME" redirect pointing to as explained in this article How to use a custom domain name in a campaign

Here's how to check whether you've set it up correctly. Step 1: Go to This is a tool that's able to analyze your domain DNS records. Step 2: Enter your custom domain and hit "CNAME lookup" In case you've set it up correctly, you'll see a table with "CNAME" in the first column, and "" in the 3rd column (see image below).  In case you get a different result, it means you haven't configured your CNAME-redirect correctly. In that case, we suggest to go over these instructions again or consult your hosting provider to set it up for you. NOTE: Once its correctly set up but it shows 404 error or security error when you try to access your lead page or campaign URL please contact us so we can forward it to our developer and install SSL for your custom domain.