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Invite by email / Gmail / hotmail etc

Received the following feature request:

Can you add sharing with gmail, hotmail etc contacts, I think this will 

improve the viral effect, people can share it with a lot of poeple at 

once. Other option can be to share directly with facebook and twitter 

contacts. Instead off sharing to a page, direct message to one, more or 

all facebook / twitter contacts.

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this is perfect for the B2B promotions, when it makes sense to share only with a select few contacts.(example: promo for the restaurant owners, i wil lshare this promo with my fellow restaurant owners not with my entire list).

Just take a look at how LinkedIn is utilizing the feature mentioned in the feature request. I really like this idea to be implemented in UpViral.


Even though this will be a technical challenge on itself... I 100% agree with the need to have this. We'll definitely implement this (but it could take a bit of time before it's done - considering the technical challenge). 

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When will this be implemented?

Yes, adding linked in shares for business a definite benefit for us.

Is this still planned to be made available?

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