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Someone just submitted the following feature request:

1) A liveticker on the referral page or as a widget that shows what is happening “now”:

"Peter Pa**** has now shared the link on facebook, +10 Points"

"Lisa Le*** has 7 people visit the page, +7 Points"

"Michael Tho*** has 4 people registered, +40 Points"

2) A livetickers that show who already opted in, similar like above.

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This is so awesome! I love it!

lovin it

I would even take it a step further and show a "leader board" to make competition our alley and get customers to refer more to be on the top 10 list (or whatever number) because the top 10 get extra bonuses.

Maybe a leader board with special bonuses for the top x point gatherers is another feature beyond this? Let me start a new thread for it.


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Brilliant ideas!... love it all. 

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Two Thumbs Up, and Two Big Toes as well!

+4 !!!


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and? 6 month later? ;)


+1 for the ticker and leaderboard 

Is that feature ready?

I still like this idea :) -- but it would have to be optional

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