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Pass on referral URL to autoresponder

An idea I just had.. What if we'd pass on the referral URL as an extra variable to the autoresponders - would that be helpful?

That way you can include their personal URLs into the email campaigns that your sending yourself as well. 

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if you go deep with the UV email autoresponder features it wouldnt make sense to pass any extra infos into the AR. I think this A or B kinda situation.

I think this is a must.

I have automations I can set up in my autoresponder, and would love it if this could be one of them. This would streamline the whole referral program, and would allow you to include the contacts you already have into the program, not just the new ones coming in.

Hi Wilco,

In one of your case study you talk about this (email created in AcitveCampaign). So is this live?

Yes - this is definitely live :) 

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