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Incentivize a purchase or lead submitted via a tracking pixel on a thank you page

I have an idea/request: Would it be possible to add a feature that incentivized a purchase or other action like lead form submission by placing a JavaScript or tracking pixel on a thank you page? This would be incredible. You could then reward based on an actual purchase versus just a name and email. Instant ROI over and over! This would have great value for ecommerce sites and any leadgen business. You could build out an entire referral marketing program with this feature. I hope you will consider!

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Yes.  I agree.  Indiegogo does something similar and it was a request of mine.  It's much like creating a hoard of affiliate referrals.

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why not?

Disappointed that this won't be considered. Other contest platforms that I wont mention here offer this. I just happen to like upviral better. I really feel like it is a big opportunity to improve the platform. With this feature you could incentivize purchases, refer a friend, leads into a crm and more.

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Happy to clarify this further Andy! We might change our mind in the future, but right now I want to avoid turning into an "affiliate platform". In addition to that, we need to make sure people won't be using UpViral in ways that's not legal (e.g. requiring people to purchase something in order to enter a contest is not legal in various countries, for example). Hope that makes sense!

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Thanks for the reply! Perhaps you could just enable it for giveaways and not contests? For example, refer 5 friends who buy get a 50% off coupon

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I would like to see this added too. It just makes sense to be able to do what @andy benson said and allow people to refer a certain amount of friends that actually purchase something, to get their reward. This would be an awesome enhancement to this service. Sure hope this is reconsidered.


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 I'm devastated Upviral doesn't do this! That's why I signed up, to reward those people who send QUALITY leads who end up making a purchase. I thought that was the whole point ultimately? Otherwise people send out referrals to anyone who are probably mostly NOT quality leads and you waste your time on them? I understand there may legal ramifications with contests, but rewarding people for referrals that end up in a sale is normal business and has been done legally and ethically long before the internet even existed. Come on - this is really basic and necessary!!!!!!!

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I would like to this...this is huge!

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I also bought the package to encourage sales as I run a physical goods company

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Hi, it may not be legal in some countries to have to purchase to enter a contest, but it sure is legal to make an affiliate program. You so would have 3 offers amongst Upviral that complete well together.

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@Pierre, I dont believe the inital poster was talking about buying something to enter a contest, but as a way of getting extra points, instead of taking a social action (like a like, or a share), but actually purchase something, and have it go towards my points so i can possibly win something. like an incentivize purchase program blended with social actions (like , commment, & share actions)... that would be AMAZING... 

i agree purchasing to enter could be rejected by the masses but opting to purchase and receive points for that purchase, wouldnt be a bad idea


I totally thought this was how upviral worked too, we've based a large chunk of our launch thoughts on this. :-(

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