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White label version to add subaccounts.

People love white label to sell subaccounts like you did before,I still subscribe one of your white label products because I made money from it.


Hope there is a discount for founding members in the future.


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I was going to suggest this as well :)

A White Label solution should include:

+ Custom Branding (& Language customization)

+ Payment integration (Zaxaa, JVZoo, ClickBank, PayPal, Stripe.....)

+ Different account types with various limit on number of campaigns (I'll explain more below...)

The great thing with running a WhiteLabel solution for UPViral is that it can utilize the full power of UPViral for selling. :) Imagine that!!! 


If we for instance can have the option of a free trial account limited to 1 active campaign that will be given (free) to the new customer/lead that opts into the offer, and a certain account upgrade for those that shares (with the size of the upgrade is determined upon how many of his leads is registered as new customers) this WhiteLabel UPViral service could then gain a viral distribution/growth.

The beauty of Custom Branding is that we doesn't have to compete on price for the same product name. :)

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Even though I really do understand the need / requests for this... I'm not going to build this for now. Perhaps later down the line, but right now I want to focus on the core product itself. In addition, having a whitelabel feature has some strategical implications (e.g. eating away my own market share, so to speak). 

I'll probably add it at some point - but definitely not at short notice. 

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Ok, this may be a problem. 

So does this mean there is no sub accounts for compay employess at all? We have this on our Zosocial accout and was a big reason for buying the Big version of upviral, assuming the same would apply. I just purchased Upviral now and had no idea this would not be available. We are not interested in "White Label" or reselling, but it becomes very tedious and confusing when all of our client campaigns are in one account. Is this something i should take up with support directly?

Thank you.

Hey Arzie. We never advertised that it would be :) And no - sub-accounts for clients won't be added to UpViral - I'm sorry.

Hi Wilco, I submitted a ticket to discuss further.

thanks for responding. 

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