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e-Commerce coupon system

 Picking up the idea and some comments from the Facebook thread:

Ecommerce idea: in order to implement UV into the ecomm ecosystem it would be great if we can upload a list a coupon codes(created previously in the ecommerce platform) and the system will deliver one coupon code at a time on the success page (or send it via email) when the conditions are aquired(ex: if 10 friends are joining you get 10% to your next purchase).

Going to add it to my todo to dive deeper into this. Ideally these platform have some sort of API to connect to, so we could create coupons on the fly. No idea whether that's technically possible - but trying to think in "ideal scenarios" first smile emoticon

Love the coupon idea as well. Your ideal scenario of creating coupons on the fly seems like a dream but also limited to the e-commerce platform. For now I like the "manual" approach of storing a list of x emails upfront - each with their individual coupon code - and sending one email after another to each customer that earned enough points. Alternatively use a "loop" and a csv file to extract the coupon codes for the emails? The important part is that each coupon code gets shared only once because they would be valid only once.

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Currently trying to get my head around this feature (how to create this in a way it makes most sense).

Just installed WooCommerce to get a sense of how these kind of systems are dealing with coupons, and I don't see any feature to generate new coupons automatically - which means you'll be using the same coupon for many people. So the coupons are NOT for a single use, but multiple use (and anyone who would unlock that, would get thát code)... and that makes it hard to prevent them to send it over to friends / family (just the coupon, that is).

Anyone who's running an ecommerce shop wants to shine any lights on this?

Another question...  Let's say you can add coupon rewards, what kind of info do think would be needed to enter? Obviously the coupon code, but what else? Redeem URL? Anything else I'm currently not considering?

Hi Wilco,

awesome this feature is added to "planned"!!!

I am using woocommerce only so I hope others can chip in on other e-commerce solutions.

Regarding question 1 there are plugins (what else) to generate unique coupon codes ( or for a simple solution we can set the usage limit to 1 which means the coupon can only be used once across all customers (

Regarding question 2 I think the rest of the information you are thinking of (URL, instructions, etc.) is not dynamic information that would have to be pulled from a csv file for each email.

Hope that helps

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I think a basic coupon system or "ANY TEXT" which you control would suffice for most people..

The problem in my experience with trying to get shares BEFORE the sale is the fact that you are INTERRUPTING the sale...  won't help..  will actually hinder your sales conversion rates..

The basic coupon (on any text) system would be:

Visitor reaches 5 referral visitors or whatever ---> coupon or "any text" is displayed on the referral page

Visitor Reaches 10 visitors or whatever  -----------> Bigger Coupon code or "any text" is displayed


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this coupoun system would be great

* if it's only as Uri suggested, it would be great tool :)

* if it was integrated with WooCommerce coupoun generation plugin, that would be awesome! :) 

any updates on this?

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