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IP protection and fake emails protection


There is big problem with fake emails and IP protection.

1. I can enter fake emails like and enter with this email. When If it pass to my autoresponder and I send emails to fake adresses it down my credibility in spam filters.

2. My lead can enter with fake email after that he can enter from his computer several fake emails and he get the bonus.

You have to add 2 things:

1. IP protection. One entry per IP.

2. Fake emails protection, confirmation email for example.

Without those 2 things upviral is useless!

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I think this is a must-have feature that applies to all users. We'll definitely implement this.

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Point 2, can we break this into two parts 1. Email validation rules (legit email format AND no admin@ infor@ generics) and 2. double/single optin

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Fraud detection is now added. We'll keep tweaking it - but most of the fraud should be caught by the current filters.

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I was wondering how the IP issue was going?


Hey Anna - we've added fraud detection in June already. Inside your campaign you have a "Fraud Detection" tab where you can see suspicious referrals (if one of their referrals signed up from the same IP, they're shown there). 

Ok. Thanks Wilco :)

Is it up to us to tell the referrer that one of their 5 is a duplicate IP?
Or...will the software tell them?
 I am trying to get 5 friends to sign up for my tweetlead...just in case Mad Mimi will work.
(Man...they are tough friends...they don't get it...lots of explaining on my part.)
One of them used both his email addresses to help me..??? but also test the system.
If he was interested in UpViral...this would be his deal killer for him.


Right now it's still up to the UpViral user to filter them out - we're not deleting them automatically. We're simply marking them as "suspicious" where after the user has to take action if they want to delete that person.

Thanks Wilco.


It can be solved with double opt-in, missing it now for Mailchimp...

The only problem with Fraud Detection and the filtering is that it's still a guessing game.  I think we need to see the users ip addresses in the actual system so then we can really see who is faking or not.

I think a "confirmation email" would help prevent fraud. It is necessary to note though, that even when the email is fake, the social signal generated by the user is valid, since he needs to share to obtain points...looking at the SEO perspective, is helpful.

Good luck for all,


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