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Use of your OWN smtp service

I think it is imperative to be able to use your own SMTP services to send these notification /transactional emails...  

Let's NOT kid ourselves folks, the more people use this service the less it will INBOX...  :-(

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Instead of a preselected list of SMTP servicers, can upviral allow us to use our own SMTP servers ?

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Any other service as free?

What about if I use my own phpmailer hosted in my own server?

Could be possible?

This is implemented. You can use Postmark, SendGrid and Amazon SES!

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Is this possible or not. Without that this app is not useful


Hi Wilco,

I agree if you can provide 'profile - aliases' that store to/from email options that would be nice.

Or option to use own smtp - then you can have option to select either alias or smtp for the email notification.

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Interesting :) My idea was to keep it as simple as possible and use ours instead. 

In that case (since people are asking for using their own) I'd say it's best to go for a mix. People can use ours, but can also add their own if they prefer that.

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