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add more email integration options


So currently, we can only choose one list to add subscribers to in one service, like Aweber.

A- Next step up from that would be the ability to subscribe them to more than one list on the same email service (Aweber).

B- 2nd step up from that would be the ability to subscribe them to more than one list on the same email service or a different one. So for example, subscribe them to 2 different lists on Aweber and another on MailChimp.

A is a must I think, B is just showing off.

A) That can be done with automation rules within your autoresponder. Most of them (incl. Aweber) have ways of doing that already (if they sign up to list X, also add them to Y).

B) To be honest, I'm hesistant to add something like that. People subscribe to 1 email list. Adding them to multiple lists (on multiple subscribers) is often somethings that's being used for grey-ish reasons (I'm not saying your doing it for those reasons, but I'm saying that's the risk of having that). Let's say someone signs up - they then give permission for that email list. When they then un-subscribe, they would still be getting emails because you've also added them on a 2nd list - which isn't right. 

Hope that makes sense :) 

Wilco, I'm tryng to integrate ConvertKit with UpViral. As you know, ConvertKit  is a little different because there is only one list. So in setting it up, as you can see... (attached):

1. The "list" in this case is the "UpViral" form I created

2. And I have tagged it for this particular contest

I think that's correct. 

1. But in the "Advanced Email Integration Settings" It says "Field name (no space) But then it says "Personal invite link" with spaces. Huh?

2.In the "Field name of autoresponder", the field names for "email" and "name" are preset in UpViral and cannot be changed. In ConvertKit, those field names cannot be changed either. In ConvertKit they are "First Name" and "Email Address" 

How do I make this all work? Thanks!

(54.1 KB)

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Hi Chris, Did you get an answer to your question. I’m am struggling with this at the moment. I’ve emailed support for some help but thought I’d reach out to see how you went. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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