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Linking Affilaite links to UPViral Links


What i think would be a cool feature would be the ability to link affiliate links to a persons upviral link. Now the way i am thinking is an affilaite earns from all viral traffic below them as far as the next affiliate.

An example would be say i brought in 3 friends Tom, Mary and Dave. Now Mary and Dave dont join the affiliate program but still refer people to upviral but Tom hoins the affilaite program and starts referring in people also. If there was a product being sold on the thank you page i would like to earn the commision if any of my person referrals buy and if any of there referrals buys something unless they have become an affiliate themselves.

I think a great and easy way to get this working would be to put a link to the said affiliate program signup on the thank you page and have a textbox there where the person enters there affiliate link which is then linked to there UPViral link somehow. also it would be great if we could use short codes or have some way to put this link for the user on our thank you page.

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I've been trying to do workaround for this and I can get it working but it's ugly. I'm hoping you guys can add this as a native function.

YES YES YES!  This is MUST-HAVE feature.  If we're running a promotion, we should be able to properly reward our affiliates for driving not just signups that result from their direct link, but from all child signups that result from their direct referrals.

I think this could be fairly easy to do with embedded promotions on our own sites - just allow the initial signup to capture the affiliate ID from the URL parameter, and then subsequent UV links append the proper affiliate parameter string with that affiliate ID to the link.

Please reply to let us know if you're working on this, and when it might be available.


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