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One-Time Use Coupon Creation

It would be useful to create unique coupon codes that are one-time use. I currently use WooCommerce and would like to create unique one-time coupons using UpViral. I could then see value in providing higher value coupons such as 20% off for one time only.

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Oh dear... What Art was asking for 5 months ago was exactly what I was looking for!
I want my customers to get 15% on the purchase of the diamonds for their jewellery (in my brick and mortar shop). And then as friends start signing up for my newsletter as well, they get another 1% (up to a total of 25%). These can then be redeemed in the shop when they place an order.

But I have a very hard time seeing how exactly the coupons make it to the customer - and how they can grow. And how they can be redeemed. Your nice video tutorials sort of stop right before "LAUNCH and "this is how you handle the coupons of the customers"


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ah.  We are talking about two different concepts.  Im thining more automated and for local people to take into a brick and mortar...where a push of a button makes it 'redeemed" and tracked for clients.

Thanks though for the ecommerce solution:)

Ah :) That's something that would go way beyond of what UpViral is/does - so I don't see that being added as a feature anytime soon - sorry :) 

I plan on using another software for this, but there is no current way to lock down that one time redeemable coupon page after the first sharer gets to that page.

I realized that. I was discussing this with Wilco. He asked me to add it to the features requests.

He could install a unique voucher system pretty easy, and then I know of a maintained and longtime plugin + theme that could accept those so you could use his unique voucers as a promo code to get " 1 timeredeemable coupons" or special deals.

 Thomas Heidel, hi.

I think this can be helpful, but in fact, Woocommerce already allow you to issue a one-time coupon or even limited to a certain email, you can setup time frame, etc..

where is this feature?

whoa Pine3.  that does quite a bit!  Using that, it looks like you can hold off on issuing the coupon until you gather all the email addresses and then load them up with a CSV file.  Looks like quite the learning curve though.

I also did not see anywhere that it would work with offline businesses though.  I might have missed it, there was quite a bit of info.

It's inside giveaway campaigns. When you add a reward, you can now select 2 types of coupons. If you select the single use coupons, you can copy-paste a list of coupon codes, where after UpViral will hand them out one by one to everyone who unlocks that reward.

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