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*Allow Hybrid mix of self-hosted and outside integrated pages.

What this solves

1.  There is no outside landing page split testing currently.  Hybrid mix would solve this issue. 

2.  You Still get to use how EASY to set up campaigns thru Upviral self hosted pages, 

3.  You get to use functions other platforms have that upviral currently does not.

It would be nice if I could use your self hosted landing pages but still integrate the optin stage to an outside source...An example is where you could just iframe that outside page (which requires the outside custom HTML form) onto your self hosted landing pages.

You can currently already iframe onto the self hosted landing pages, only you can't get/use the custom integration form.

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A great idea. On the lines of mixing Upviral Hosted and Integrated Pages, I was trying to use a Leadpages page for the opt-in, and the Upviral fullscreen Landing Page ( because it's the best looking one for my needs, all the others being just widget-like ), but I couldn't get this.

I would like to see this implemented as well.

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dang , no split testing stats

We do have split-testing, but for your own landing pages it's technically not as "easy as it seems". For your thank-you pages (or pages hosted by us) you can still split-test, of course :) 

thanks for listening


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