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Ability To Add More Email Address In Settings For Reply-To Emails For Email Notifications

I would like to request the ability to add more email addresses in the settings tab and then allow you to select which email address and name you would like to use for each campaign you setup when using the "Email Notifications" feature.

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Me too! It's impossible to use now for different niches if you have different pen names and email addresses.

Unless you use something generic. Which isn't ideal...

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I agree. With the different businesses I help I want to be able to set the from name and email on a per campaign basis.

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Absolutely! I agree.

really important, as my client now uses one app for 3 different companies... also to have different people in company send out campaigns...

yep, really need this feature for consistent branding..or ability to use our own smtp.

Now when I start using this app I just realize this function is not already integrated. I'm shocked, because without that this application is not useful. On each custom domain should be an option for this information and not under general settings. When this will be integrated?

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Yes, its really sad that we have to use a generic name for all the campaigns.

Guys, was any of you able to sort it out with the support team, or is there any work-around for this which has worked for you !!

yes change that please

Status?  Any good news?

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