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Survey Option

I think upViral would be even more effective if we could include a survey to the front end of it and offer the contest as promotion for answering the survey question.

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Hi - Perhaps you could support this post on the same subject:
Thanks, Eddie


This is a great idea. I get a lot of engagement and am able to segment users by using surveys and quizzes. But you get a high completion rate when you incentivize people to take the survey. Upviral would be great at that.

100% agree. Currently running vacation giveaways. 

Front End Funnel includes An AD on Facebook => Clickfunnels opt-in page => Upviral thank you share page => Typeform vacation survey.

Interesting thing i want to point out is that originally before Upviral, i was using Facebook lead ads then sending my traffic to the survey. Without Upviral my survey completion was around 15%-20%.

When i stopped doing Facebook lead ads because you cannot use the upviral widget after the lead is generated at the moment :) and created an optin page and an upviral share page before the prospect does the survey, it increased the survey completion rate to a very impressive 52%.

And i want to point out that it's a 14 question survey! asking income type questions also.

Aaron is right, incentivizing the traffic just flat out works.

Definitely, vote for a survey function or a non-zapier direct API integration with Typeform or another well-known survey app.

Zapier just doesn't make sense for front end lead generation. Too expensive. Specially when you're already using multiple back-end zaps for your shopping cart or customer service or transactional stuff.

Wilco if you would like me to do a testimonial let me know. Don't want to post any links here because it will mess up my numbers. 

Upviral is awesome, can't wait to see what you do with it in the new year.

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Absolutely needed an integration with Typeform! I've been using it for the last months and there is a huge spike in the conversions! Please please, please!

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It says Planned at the top does this mean this feature is coming

It depends for when is planned! :D

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