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Deactivate/Pause Landing Pages (stop split testing)

Imagine you create 2 or more landing pages just to see what's nicer. You pick your favorite and leave the other version unfinished for later.

Now both will automatically go live and will be used for split testing. 

There should be a "pause" function, to keep the unfinished or not wanted version from being active >> We need a deactivation function!

By now the only way to keep the unwanted versions from going live is to delete them, and I think it's a no go.

==> Please add a deactivation button next to the edit, clone, delete and preview buttons <==


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This is possible at the split-test page. You can pick a winner there. Once selected, only the winner will be shown.

But what if you want to continue split testing other designs?
For example A vs. B. B wins.
Now you want to do B vs. C. You have to just delete A?
It would be nice if you could deactivate A and keep it for reference.

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