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Redirect option after share on Facebook timeline

Could we please have the ability to configure UpViral to redirect from social media (or the link) to an alternative page rather than the landing page as it currently does?

IMHO, Something needs to be done to make this more flexible - the current UpViral process is far too tight. Opt In page to Thank You page and that's about the sum total of the visitor's experience. Okay, it my go one stage further IF the visitor decides to share it.

I don't think that sending someone directly to an opt in page from a Facebook timeline message will do anything to 'warm' the new visitor to what we want them to do and ultimately what we're trying to achieve.

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I would also like to have the possibility of directing a referred visitor to a different landing page. This would allow for the customization of the landing page messsage to increase the conversation rate. Also would be good for segmenting a list.
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