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Remove the huge "POWERED BY UPVIRAL" footer

On the notifications emails, we get a (very big) footer with the "Powered by UpViral" link. I kinda understand UpViral wanting to put that in, but for us, it makes our reminder emails look unprofessional. This is a paid service, so I wasn't expecting something like that....

I wrote a support ticket about this issue and they told me that they are thinking about it, they are not sure yet if they will remove it or leave it, and they are waiting to see other user's opinions

So, if you too want that footer gone, please vote this feature request! :)


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I to wouldn't mind a little less affiliation branding and a little more personalization feature on this. I don't like the emails coming  thru as "templatey" <--not a word

right !

please remove that footer ASAP


Yes...many of us are using this app on behalf of clients and would like "to take credit for your genius"...the footer really makes it hard to take credit for your work :-)    take it out please.

I hate these kinds of things. I always think of customers first, not my business. Please remove this and have a lot of happy customers. Please Please Please

Yes the footer must be customizable so we can use this with clients and to polish up the presentation.  The lead pages look great, the emails should have the same feel.

Yes please delete this. Cause i want to start working for clients and in my opinion than its not possible that there's standing a link to Up Viral. If that link is standing there its not professional. Please remove it ASAP.

yes please remove the footer or else i would be forced to ask for a refund of my money!

Come on Wilco, we love to support you but we need to clean up this issue so we can do more with the product.   Right now I am not even using it.......despite my lifetime purchase.  

I agree, maybe do this the way GetResponse does their Powered By.

They allow you to turn off the Powered By or Leave it and get a $30.00 Credit to your GetResponse account.

But it's sad to think by using UpViral I'm creating my own competition, and at the least getting questions like: Does my email have a virus because we saw something that says UpViral at the bottom of your email you sent us.

And if you're not going to do this at least post something here and let us know, otherwise it seems we are just talking to the wind.

Come on guys! It's been 3 months since this (very simple and righful!) request, as Mike says, at least answer us! 


I agree. It REALLY screams "amateur hour" to put this sort of thing in emails and on the upviral landing/thank-you pages. We should have an option to turn this off; especially those of us who are using this software to serve clients.

yeah lot of customers want a clean notification page why don't you guys remove the message?

Or at least let us put an affiliate link under this.

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