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Closed Page Feature

 Hi, I've just closed out my second campaign that I've run with Upviral and, once again, I'm running into the problem of not having a good way to close the giveaway.

I'd like to suggest that a "Giveaway/Competition Closed" landing page design would be a good addition to the software.

When the giveaway closes you could turn on a redirect for this "Giveaway/Competion Over/Closed page".  This way visitors to the giveaway page after an end date will see something different than the page they would see if the giveaway is still active.

Right now, the work-around is to go into the current Share Page and change the content to make it very clear that the Giveaway is closed. However, people can still sign-up in this workaround situation...which is not always ideal.

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