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Sync the reward points with autoresponders

I like to send the mails using my own autoresponder. However at this moment it's not possible to include the number of reward points somebody has.

Now you need to download the leads file and update a points field manually.

It would be fantastic if the points would sync automaticly.

This would make Upviral so much more powerfull, since you then can just sent these kind of mails on autopilot.

We've researched this, but unfortunately, this isn't something we'll be implementing - at least not on short notice.

For this to work, we'd need to update the value for every subscriber, which means a LOT of API calls to all the autoresponders (like... hundreds of thousands each day). Most autoresponders have strict limits on how many API calls can be made, which means we'll be running into their limitations pretty fast. 

What about updating the points, once a day?

Or a button in upviral, that syncs the points manually for you?

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