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Spam-Bot protection

Is it possible to add a dummy checkbox on the leadpage. One which is never seen by the user. It is hidden under something or has zero size. That is; not set to invisible by CSS as I believe that this can be read by spam-bots. This checkbox could have valid and sensible text associated with it, for example 'Terms and Conditions'.

This checkbox would be irresistible for a spam-bot to click. But the real user can never click it.

Therefore when the server side checks what has been submitted, it can check the status of this checkbox.

If it has been clicked then it is safe to assume that the information submitted is bogus and should not be added to the list of leads nor should an email be sent to the email address as it is very likely that it ill bounce straight back.

I think this is called a 'HoneyPot trap'

Love this idea! I'll discuss it with the team :) 

That is really fantastic. 

I have spent a few days investigating this topic. Also paid a freelance software engineer to check out the technical details.

To prevent spam-bots getting to my word-press site, I'm using the Bot Block plugin. Maybe UV uses something similar.

In the event that they do get through to the Lead Page I'd like to use this HoneyPot trap, but it needs support from the server side.

I guess that one way to test an implementation is using RoboForm or similar application.

This does not use Captcha as I think that puts people off opting in.

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