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Email-A-Friend Functionality

The main missing feature I see is the ability for participants to enter their friends' emails into the system and have a preformatted email sent from the system.

Currently, on the social page they would have to click the email button which would open a preformatted email in their email client, then they would need to add their friends' email addresses to it and press send.  While that may not sounds too bad, my concern is what happens when someone doesn't have an email client defined on their computer (such as perhaps a Yahoo or Gmail user that accesses their email on a browser).  For those users, the email button is useless to them and they are stuck with having to copy their unique sharing code, paste it on a new email and compose an email.  And in that process we will have lost MANY emails that might have gone out in our behalf.

I realize that the concern with doing this is the potential for spam, but ViralSwep and Contest Domination have somehow gotten that figured out.  And if all else fails, you could require each of us to enter our own SMTP client settings so you could use our SMTP for sending the emails.  Just a thought.

If you can get this worked out as other platforms have, I think you will have the ultimate contest platform that is second to none.  Thanks!

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As a brand new user I'm curious as to why there has yet to be a response to this post.

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