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Double OptIn

I'm using Double OptIn within UpViral.

When my user submits his details he is immediately brought to the Thank You page. 

Then he receives an email asking him to confirm his entry to the competition.

When he confirms his entry, then he is brought to another Thank You page.

So there are now 2 Thank You pages on the screen.

This is a little confusing.

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Any ideas on how you'd want it to work instead? 

I'm told on the FaceBook group that is behaviour is due to the browser. So I've put Double Optin in the AR. Seems ok for me to do things like this. I do recall there as a discussion on that page on the relative merits of this approach.


1 user submits his details

2 after user confirmation the thank you page is sent, this is how for instance Mailchimp also works.

I have the same as Mervyn,

By letting the user submitting his user details I want to give him a free video. This is my free giveaway. However only after he successfully confirmed his details. Otherwise users can use fake email addresses and that is not what I want.

I think you could do this as-is.  Instead of providing the video on the Thank You page in UpViral, just have a message that says an email had been sent, and that when they confirm, they will get the video.

Then have a separate list in MailChimp, and Modify your Confirmation Email template for that list.  You can setup an AutoResponder automatically when people are added (i.e. confirmed) that sends them the link to the video.  This would just get them the video when they have double opted-in.

The downside is that they have less of an incentive to share right away from the Thank you page, unless you have other prizes not that tied to the video.  But you can always add other follow up messages in UpViral to send them the share links and explain the bonuses available.

I would say this can easily be done, it just takes a little work in your autoresponder / email software and isn't just dependent on UpViral.  UpViral can never know when someone had double opted in to an outside software's email list.

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