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Tracking "sub-campaigns"

I'm going to run some contests in a bit. I will break out of my usual way of promoting these contests (GiveAway sites) and try using other approaches. For example, FaceBook Ads, Bing PPC, StumbleUpon etc. There is loads to choose between. I'm sure that some will be better than others, regardless of how I may optimize each individual ad platform.

I'd like to be able to track which of these platforms is best for me.

I could do this by making individual UpViral Campaigns. And then pushing out an unique lead page ID to each campaign.

Or, maybe, I could associate an Ad platform which an UpViral version of the lead page ID and then track the performance of each "sub-campaign" within UpViral.

Interesting thought.

Perhaps (instead of sub-campaigns) some kind of "tracking links" would work better. I'm going to think about this one - thanks!

Like affiliate links ? Nice.

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