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Campaign overview

I'd like to see how my previous campaigns generated leads. That is the growth profile of leads over time. The number of Total Leads and Referred leads.

This information can currently be viewed for the previous 15 days.

This is not that great when a previous campaign finished a few months ago.

In essence I'm running the same campaign as I ran a few months ago. However I'm made improvements to the lead page, graphics for social media recommendation etc. I want to nit-pick and see if these things are making a difference. Especially to the referred leads as that is where extra energy comes into the viral loop.

No 2 campaigns can ever be the same as different local conditions and timings apply. However it would be useful to have a baseline "Lead Generation" curve to compare against. 

Hence I'd like to be able to select the time window which is used to display the historical information from previous campaigns.

Hope this makes sense.

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Definitely makes sense! We're working on that :) 

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