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Listmanager after unlock give-away

Would like to have the option to choose the moment of running a connected listmanager from your autoresponder. Now you can connect optins to your autoresponder, that's convenient and you can do that without any follow up yet. Beside the UpViral confirmation mail and some mails when they earned extra points.

But I can imagine that you want to start a specific listmanager only from the moment that the reward is unlocked. In that case you can control the timing of these mails more. Let's say I want to do an upsell, I probably don't wanna do that immediately after their first optin or somewhere in between, when they have an X amount of points. It would make more sense to start a specific serie of mails after the reward is unlocked.

Or probably you want to run a specific listmanager both after first optin and also when unlocking the reward. It would be great if people can choose when to run which listmanager.


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I am really interested in this feature as I'm thinking of what you mentioned above. Have you found a way?

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