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Create "recurring contest" campaign type with option to reset points to zero

(1) Please add the ability for a contest to be a monthly (or other period of time) recurring contest, where a user's refurl is persistent over time. This allows users to share any time, and any points they earn from referrals will be applied to the current instance of the contest. This creates MANY more sharing opportunities because the user isn't restricted by the time remaining in a contest. This would increase viral potential more than any other feature, in my opinion. That's because it creates a perpetual opportunity to engage users to share, unlike giveaway campaigns, which is over once a user earns the giveaway, and also unlike one-time contests, which have the enormous disadvantage that if a user shares close to the ending of the contest, their share activity (and their refurl) have no benefit whatsoever. (2) Add the option in a recurring contest campaign to reset all users’ points to zero when a winner in a recurring contest is selected (i.e., when an instance of the contest ends) so that the campaign can continue without requiring people sign up again to receive a new refurl. Then, for the next cycle of the campaign, a winner would be chosen from the pool of points that has accumulated since the last winner. And since the campaign itself would be the same, users' refurls would keep working, making it possible to continue engaging them to share via email follow-ups. In fact, we could continue including their share URL in all emails. The advantage of including an option to reset the points to zero at the beginning of each instance of a recurring contest is that users have a greater incentive to share again. If their points are persistence across instances of the contest, they might not share, knowing that they already have lots of entries/points. In other words, when they earn points, the points are for "this month's contest", not all future contests.

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This would be a great feature.

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+1 here too

 Great idea!!

Otherwise it seems that I have to create an entire new giveaway every month just to giveaway the same product every month, which takes time to setup again (while it could be automated, BIG time saver!) Example, "Win this shirt!" and then have it recurring every month (30 days).

There's nothing that prevents you from doing this now (with the exception of clearing out the points option). You can create a campaign and let it run continuously. 

The tweak 
I think you're really asking for are: 

1) be able to reset everyone's points to zero

2) let people earn points for sharing more than once *but restrict it to once per day*

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Hi Mitch

Yes, being able to reset the points to zero would work for some use cases. However, the points work for BOTH the rewards AND the giveaway. I wouldn't want to reset the rewards, just the giveaway.

@planetMitch (1) Yes, it would involve resetting people's points to zero. But I would want that to happen automatically at the moment the current period of the campaign ends. Otherwise, if it's a manual reset, anyone who signed up after the period ends and the points are reset would lose the points they earned during the current period. If all they did is add an option to reset the points when the campaign ends, then I could at least set a new campaign end date after the campaign ends. (2) I don't see any benefit to restricting sharing to once per day. That is unrelated to the feature I'm asking for.

@steve adams - there is only 1 set of points in upViral. There aren't different counters for rewards and sharing or the 'giveaway' -- just one set of points.

@CJ - well, maybe I wasn't clear. Right now, upViral only gives a user points for sharing ONCE per social account per user. So in an on-going campaign, they would never earn points for sharing the second month or what ever the period is. 

Resetting the total points would not reset their ability to gain points for sharing.

P.S. I would NOT want the system to automatically reset points because that scares the crap out of me LOL. It would have to be a manual thing in my opinion.

@Mitch - I realise that, and thats my point (excuse the pun). If I want to, for example, reward people by giving them discount coupons, I would want their status to continue to build up, month over month - e.g. earn 100 points and get a 10% coupon, earn 500 and get a 20% coupon etc. Whereas, as we are talking about recurring giveaways, I would want to reset, each month (or chosen period) how many entries they get in the sweepstake OF THAT GIVEN period. The fact that they are one in the same at the moment, would prevent me from taking this approach.

(FYI for my use case - to prevent them from not making an immediate purchase, I will provide a credit for vouchers earned after booking but before booked "event" takes place (this is not for an online retail product - its for training courses). People can earn multiple discount coupons.)

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