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Email notification X days from sign-up to update person & encourage them to keep going

It would be extremely helpful if you would add a new type of email notification that works like this:

1. It is conditional in that it only happens if the contact hasn't gotten their reward or won the contest (and the contest is still running).

2. You can specify a relative date in days since they originally signed up.

3. You can then send the message while still being able to access all of their stats.

This is how I would use this. Let's say I'm doing a reward giveaway. The person signs up and forwards their link to several friends and 3 sign up with their link. However, they need 5 referrals to get their reward.

I could then send them an email after 5 days or so and say that they have successfully referred 3 people but still need 2 more to earn their wonderful reward. Here's your special link again. You're almost there. Keep going!

I might choose to do a similar email after 8 days as well, so it should be possible to set up multiple of these kinds of notifications.

I suspect that people do their initial referral emails and then forget about it or get upset if they send 5 emails but don't get their reward because not all 5 signed up. This way I can keep them updated and encourage them to refer more people so that they will successfully get their reward. The same could true with a contest.

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I was just thinking that for a time-limited contest, these new notification emails may need to be specified by absolute dates in addition to relative dates.


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In addition it would be great to also be able to send notifications manually from within the dashboard using the same keywords as in the automated ones.

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Great idea. Yes please.

+1 for me too

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