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Timer to indicate time left before logout from system when editing campaign pages

This is a simple feature request: 

Display a countdown timer or other visual means to remind user how long before being automatically logged out from the Upviral platform (due to inactivity) when we are editing campaign pages. 

Additionally, and even more awesome would be an (optional?) audio reminder would be great if you don't happen to be on the page to notice the visual reminder. 

(Much like in some chat apps that have an audio signal when the agent has typed a message or becomes available) 

This is actually a gripe of mine with most browser based applications. You start working on a campaign page. Then you realize that the one of the creatives for the page needs to be changed a little bit. You click away, thinking it will only take a minute to make the changes, forget to save and when you are back, the system auto-disconnected and all previously unsaved changes are lost. Endless frustration and negative feelings towards self and software creators could be saved all around the world Wilco! ;-)

This is such a simple, yet incredibly user friendly feature that shouldn't be missing from an awesome program like Upviral. 

Thank you Wilco and team for building great software! I really appreciate it. 


Thanks for the suggestion Dieter!

I agree that the time-out could be improved. However, adding a visual timer into the dashboard isn't the best way of fixing it - I think. We're trying to keep the UI as clean as possible - and only add things there that will get our customers closer to their goal (so they must all be functional). A timer like this wouldn't match that - it would mostly be a distraction. Once again, thanks for the idea!

Thanks for your reply Wilco. I hear you and upon thinking about it some more, I think an audio reminder would be better anyways. There is a popup already that says you are going to be disconnected but when user is on another screen, that's obviously useless, hence an audio reminder (like many of the chat and helpdesk services offer) would be much better. Thank you for your consideration and 

All the best,


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