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Improve the Zapier Integration

I love the present Zapier integration but it could be improved greatly if you added the following:

1. Ping Zapier every time a reward level is achieved

2. Ping Zapier every time a contestant email notification is triggered and/or

3. Ping Zapier every time a contestant receives points and/or has someone enter using their link

The information sent to Zapier should include all entrant form fields,user points, and reward id. :

  • reward_id .
  • user_email .
  • user_total_points 
  • user_name (or first & last name if that was used on entry form)
  • user_id 
  • any information that was added via a form field

The ability to pass other form fields data is important because it can be used to update, segment, and alter a subscriber's data or account in your autoresponder, CRM system, etc.

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It would be nice to also add the subscribers' IP address to monitor potential fraud and send an email (by comparing ip addresses) to suspected fraudsters.

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Could all these features be added to callback URL also

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Agree with all suggestions. Pass as much information as possible so we can deliver things like achieved rewards, you're this many points away from unlocking etc... through other Zapier apps like Twillio etc..

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I totally agree. This would be a great feature.

I would like to add: 1. Trigger zapier when a lead unsubscribe. 2. Allow zapier to unsubscribe a subscriber (action).
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