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Per Contest Email Settings!

Having used some other contest and viral giveaway platforms, I was surprised to see that there is no way to have separate e-mail/profile settings per contest/giveaway.

From what I understand, how everything is setup right now, ALL contests that run from an account use the SAME sender profile & outgoing e-mail server settings. This limits you to be able to run contests/giveaways for ONLY 1 website (the one you have customized the sender profile for!).

Essentially this forces you to run contests from 1 website only as you can't customize the branding if you were to start using other domains, as the e-mails for the contest would still be sent from the primary e-mail you've specified which there is now way of changing.

Please move these options to be unique per contest/giveaway as opposed to being the same for the whole account.


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This already exist. 

Under Settings, select General Settings. Then on the General Setting page, under Email Setting you will see where you can add multiple email profiles.

After adding your profile(s), they will then be available as a dropdown selection under Email Notifications in your campaigns. 

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