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Quadruple opt in?

When someone signs up for the contest they're immedatly take to the Thank You page.  There's a message on top that says we've sent them an e-mail, but it's easy to miss.   

They confirm their email, and are taken are taken to the thank you page again. That's confusing and looks a bit sloppy.  

I'd like them to be stuck on the welcome page until they confirm, and have the confirmation link bring them to the thank you page.  

But then it gets even messier.  

I'm hooked into AWebber. Someone signing in normally, without going through Upviral, gets a confirmation e-mail, and then is sent a welcome e-mail with a cool link in it.  But when they join through the contest, they get UpVirals confirmation, AND the AWeber confirmation, and then they get the AWeber Welcome message.  

I want to leave AWebber double opt in too, but would like the integration to not send them the AWeber confirmation when they join through a contest.  

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Yeah, there seems to be no clear path through the system... it shouldnt keep directing people to the same thank you page, unless there is a new contextual message there that shows progress.

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I see a problem like this when using mailchimp.

Upviral send a confirmation e-mail and than Mailchimp send another confirmation.

I have to turn off this e-mail from Upviral, but doing this I lose the "Show confirmation bar".

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