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PayKickstart Integration - Expanding the Rewards option to be a full Referral Program for Existing Customers

Hi Wilco,

It would be nice if I could use Upviral as a referral program with PayKickstart. Here's what I'd like to do for existing customers only: For every X number of people they refer to my site who purchase my training program (PayKickstart), they get a discount coupon to my Amazon Store. And since I'm asking, I'd also like to be able to determine which buying level generates the reward. Meaning that if I have a $1 Trial fee and then $47/mo rate, I would want the coupon trigger to kick in after the $47 has been paid, not the $1.

This is all theoretical in my head right now, cuz I don't even know how I would do the Amazon coupons automatically. But it seems to me if I already have a program that builds my biz leads based on referrals, that I should be able to have it do the whole thing. Maybe this could be an add-on products for UpViral like all the Connectio products?



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