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Reward Sales/Conversions

 The whole point of getting traffic, referrals and leads to make sale or conversions. I feel this software is incomplete without you being able to reward people who make QUALITY referrals that end in a sale. That's why I purchased upviral. after going through the training videos, it has just dawned on me that this is not possible and I feel this is no longer very useful. The whole point is to drive sales, if we can't reward people for helping us do that, only to send us what may or may not be someone who is interested, just seems very hit and miss and wasteful of time and energy etc. PLEASE, PLEASE upgrade the software by being able to track and reward those people who make referrals that end in a sale!!!!! It's completely legal. Contests may be a different matter but I am only referring to giveaways. This has been done for eons both online and offline in business.

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I was under the impression this was possible when I signed up recently, please tell me this has since been implemented?

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