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Upviral on Wordpress

Hi guys,

Just curious if anyone has an up viral opt-in page and thank you page on wordpress

I would like to see an active example as I have some difficulties setting it up. Also I am interested to see how it looks like in Wordpress.



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I managed to hack a lead page and a thank you page together as a test on my WP site. It is possible to create a functioning setup, but it appears we are stuck using templates available on UpViral for the thank you page. 

So, I've got a basic name/email landing page with my own styling etc. When I enter my name and email it correctly goes to a thank you page on my site, but it just inserts the thank you page template you chose in your UpViral campaign. There does not appear to be any way to edit this, or even to get a completely unstyled version to work with. In other words, it looks strange and terrible!

I don't think it is really usable in its current state.

There is a video that shows how you can add the UpViral share widget on your WordPress thank you page. Please refer to this:

Step 3 > B (at the bottom of the page)

This approach should also work:

Yeah, I got that all working great. The only downside to host it on a wordpress site is that there is no way to split test the optin form/page.

Is split-testing now open or closed still?

Is split-testing feature available now with WordPress?

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