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Add Affiliate Tracking to Upviral Integrations

Currently Upviral does not support using your own CRM affiliate links in Upviral campaigns.

Here's the scenario: You're doing a launch where you have many affiliates or JV partners mail for you. They all have their own affiliate links through your CRM so that they will get credit for the sales from their mailings. (By CRM I mean things like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, 1Shoppingcart, etc.)

However, their affiliate ID references are not passed through to your CRM when a new contact record is created. This means that the new contact record does not have that affiliate assigned to them. The only affiliate tracking available is the cookie that gets set.

This is not sufficient because a person may visit your site using a mobile device and then later make a purchase using their laptop. In this case your affiliate will NOT get credit for the sale.

This makes Upviral unusable for product launches where affiliates mail for you!

It's actually a very simple thing for an Upviral progammer to added the needed code to add the affiliate cookie data to the API call that creates the new contact record in your CRM (about 60 minutes per integration once the specification is gotten from the CRM company).

However, Upviral needs to know that we want the integrations updated to add support for affiliate tracking so that they will know to prioritize it, so please vote!

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this is a huge miss because we need it big time


Got my vote

Definitely something we need as well!


my technical grasp of this issue is limitied, but if it is as you say, it seems a big "miss" not to include thanks for the heads up and I support this request, Andy

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