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Pass the Referral Count to Auto-responder

UpViral already has a feature built in that sends the Referral URL to our auto-responder, which is great.

But could we also pass the referral count (aka The number of friends a particular person has referred) to our auto-responder as well?

That way in our regular broadcast emails using AWeber, MailChimp, etc., not only could we give everyone their unique referral URLs but we could also say: "And by the way, here is the number of friends you've referred so far. Keep it up!"

Is that a feature your team could implement, Wilco? I know I would find it very helpful.



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I agree. I would also like to see the points transferred over.

I've managed to do something similar. My points / rewards is based on the number of referrals. I pass this in to my auto responder (GetResponse) by mapping custom fields. I have a custom field (numberic) call referred on GetResponse.

The limitation is that I only track the first three referrals so it's easy to set this up manually, i.e. each reward unlocked updates the custom field on GetResponse.

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