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Unlock Bonuses Based on Referral Count Instead of Points

In my first campaign, I saw lots of people with a high point count, but I got very few referrals. If we had the option of unlocking bonuses after a certain number of signup referrals, people will be more incentivized to get signs ups.

I would also like to see the referral count and point count passed off to my ESP (Active Campaign) so I can send emails when they reach a certain threshold. 

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I was just about to come in and recommend this! 

This should be an option in the REWARDS section for sure! I would like to set up a reward for someone to get when they refer nn people for example, and I can kind of fudge it with the points setup but it isn't always perfect.

It would be much better to have both rewards for points AND rewards for referrals!

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Yes definitely love the idea of more granular integration with the auto responder.  Working towards something like ThriveCarts rules section would be awesome as an end goal.

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I agree with Mitch. Bump for this feature!

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